Depression Glass Patterns


I began collecting Depression glass many years ago - probably about 30 - when my mother gave me four sherbet glasses for my birthday. A note was included telling me the pattern name (Doric), that the color was called Delphite, and that it was made by the Jeanette Glass Company between 1935 and 1938. She added, "If you want more, have fun finding them." Well, never one to back away from a challenge and since my family numbered five, I knew I needed to find at least one more so I could use them with my family. Then, what about when I had guests? It took a little while, but I now have service for 12! In addition to dinner plates, tumblers, and berry bowls, I also have a few serving pieces. I did not know anything about a glass collecting club when I first began my hunt. Soon, I learned about the PSDGC Glass Show and Sale. Some years there was not one piece of Delphite for sale. Sometimes I felt like the odd duck while everyone else was scooping up the pretty clear colors which I also like. Still, I liked Delphite more! So I kept going.

My husband and I had already been bitten by the antique "bug" and I began noticing glass when we went to Lakewood, Crabapple festival, or antique stores. Fortunately for me, my mother had chosen an inexpensive pattern - especially back in the 80's when people were looking for everything else.

Well, I found more sherbets and usually only bought one of two at a time. Sometimes, that was all the Delphite there was anywhere I looked. I also learned that it is a lot more fun that way because half the thrill is in the hunt! After I had about eight Doric sherbets, I decided I needed some kind of plate to go under them. That was when I discovered the "Cherry Blossom" pattern. I really loved the pattern - especially the back of the pieces! I spotted what is actually the plate to the child's set and thought it would be just the right size. I first found only one or two, but over time, bumped up my inventory to 10 sets, then 12. Then I decided to branch out into other pieces. I liked the size of the Cherry Blossom berry bowl better than the Doric size so I decided to go with Cherry Blossom and try to accumulate some place settings so I could use my pretty dishes! I don't mind mixing the patterns since it is all Delphite. If you are a purist, you are probably cringing. I do believe in using my glass. I don't want it simply stored away but rather, loved and appreciated. I also enjoy watching our grandkids feel ever so special when they find the table set with Depression glass.

Janette Glass Company made both Doric and Cherry Blossom in transparent colors as well as the opaque blue that always beckoned me. Cherry Blossom was produced for ten years (1930-1939). During that time, some of the older molds were replaced with newer ones so not all pieces are uniform. There are a few reproductions, so be sure you check a reputable book for that information. A more serious collector would be able to point out each minor difference.

Mercifully for my bank balance, Jeanette Glass Company did not make as many different pieces in Delphite as they did the transparent colors in either Doric or Cherry Blossom. I usually fill those in with other DG crystal pieces and enjoy the variety. That is also one of the fun things about this hobby. Everyone has different tastes and approaches to what they collect. Time, resources, and lifestyle dictate some of it. Personal taste does as well. Most of all, I urge everyone to enjoy the hunt!

Cynthia Hillman

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